About Florida Academy of Excellence (8623)

Philosophy of Education

Our goal at Florida Academy of Excellence (FAE) is to empower parents to educate their children. We believe that parents are the best decision makers for their children’s education. Education in your child’s best interest looks different for every family, and often it looks different for every child within every family. FAE desires to help you choose the best methods, curriculum, and mode of teaching and learning for each of your children so that each child will develop a love of learning, a desire to excel, and a determination to succeed in all areas of learning and life. Authentic learning produces authentic results. For this reason, FAE does not participate in any type of standardized testing. However, you, as the decision maker for your child’s education, may choose to participate in standardized testing outside of FAE as part of your education plan. We do not have a building; rather, all teaching and learning occurs in the home or in the location of the families’ choice. We do not prescribe a set curriculum, although we can make recommendations based on the families’ goals for their children’s education. Parents can choose to serve as their child’s teacher or they may choose from an endless number of other options, such as: reading, writing, enrolling in virtual school classes, take classes part time or full time, participate in co-ops, occupational therapies, behavioral therapy, equine therapy and education, dance, fine arts, performing arts, sports, travel, religious education, or any other activity that the parents deem educational.

Attendance Reporting

Our school is year-round, from August 1st through July 31st each year. Attendance is required for a minimum of 180 days per year, and attendance reports will be electronically verified on a monthly or quarterly basis. Students may take vacation, sick, personal, etc. days off as they and their parents choose is best for them. However, in order to be within compliance of the state compulsory education laws, 180 days of attendance is required each year.

Health and Immunizations Reporting

The state of Florida requires that all students enrolled in school provide current (within one year) health and immunization forms OR to complete a religious exemption form. FAE is required to comply with this state mandate, so this documentation is required as part of the enrollment process.


FAE does not accept any state or government sponsored scholarships. The McKay, Step Up for Students and Gardiner Scholarship (formerly PLSA) programs require schools to participate in testing and other requirements that conflict with the overall philosophy of education of FAE, and therefore, we do not now nor do we have future plans to accept any of these scholarships. However, in some cases, these scholarship programs may provide families reimbursement for the services we provide. FAE does not coordinate these reimbursements, so this would need to be arranged by the family directly to the scholarship program.

About Our Krista S. Mallo, Founder

I am a Florida certified teacher, and I am available for annual homeschool evaluations in Pasco County and nearby areas. Contact me at flacademyofexcellence@gmail.com.


Here’s a bit about myself:

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (2001) and Master of Arts in English Education (2005) from the University of South Florida, and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of South Florida. I have been a Florida certified Professional Educator since 2001 in the areas of English and ESOL.

Currently, I teach Freshman Composition courses, as well as British and American Literature. I have published poetry in Meta: An Interdisciplinary Journal and The Effects of Grace: A Christian Anthology. Additionally, I have published scholarly articles and presented at conferences pertaining to the teaching of English at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. I am a strong advocate for parental choice in education, and I enjoy assisting homeschool families in planning curriculum and educational choices for their children and young adult students. I enjoy spending time with my husband, five children, and bloging at cryingisthefirstsignoflife.wordpress.com, where I mainly write about my passion for education, life as a full-time working, homeschooling mother, and my love for the Lord Jesus Christ.