Power Up Homeschool Hybrid Online

What is the Power Up Homeschool Hybrid Online program from Florida Academy of Excellence?

Power Up pairs your family with a Florida certified teacher who will guide your home education plan. The teacher will hold virtual meetings with the parent and/ or student on a weekly basis and
will use our online learning management system to communicate assignment plans, grade records, and accountability measures in a user-friendly manner.

Power Up also adds an optional weekly social-distancing friendly educational program for outdoor education at our community partner for farm-based and equine-assisted learning.

Who would this work best for?

●  Families who are looking for an alternative to public schooling online

●  Families who are experienced at homeschooling but could use some assistance in managing the details of planning, grading, and record-keeping

●  Families who are new to schooling at home who could use some help in planning assignments, maintaining grade records, grading student work, and maintaining records for ease of transfer
related to long-term educational plans

●  Students who desire a more self-paced plan, as compared to the excess time spent on the computer, the frequent deadlines to submit assignments, or the too-frequent calls and texts from teachers that may have been experienced with the larger state-run or district-run online schooling option

What does Florida Academy of Excellence provide?

Certified teachers who grade student assignments; easy to use online LMS to keep track of all the work so you can lose the papers; scheduled weekly virtual meetings (30 minutes; additional time by request)

Choices of curriculum options (either Christian or secular, paper-based or online; completely self-paced option available; FLVS Flex optional; mix and match curriculum choices to fit what works best)

Virtual tutoring sessions optional

What do families provide?

Age-appropriate supervision for the student in your own home

Teacher copies of curriculum choices (as needed)

Dedicated workspace for the student

When does it start?

Enrollment is ongoing; our school is year-round August 1st-July 31st

Enroll anytime

What is the cost?

Enrollment fee, curriculum fees, 1st month program fee, and Friendly Friday fees are all payable upon enrollment for the month following. Billing is based on calendar months; pro-rated for late sign-ups. Fees are due by the 1st of the month to continue program participation.

Annual Enrollment is $95

Curriculum is calculated after consultation, average is $600 per student for the year (payable upon enrollment)

Program Fee is $250 per month (includes grading, assignment management, and once per week pre-scheduled 30-minute virtual sessions); Additional consultation or tutoring sessions are billed at $50 per hour.

Optional Friendly Fridays $475 per month (limited spots available)

Our programs meet the requirements for the Gardiner Scholarship part-time tutoring reimbursement, and direct payment options are available for Gardiner Scholarship recipients who are already funded.

What are Friendly Fridays?

Each week, on Fridays, we will meet as a group on the property of our local community partner where students will participate in outdoor education related to a variety of topics (plants, insects, weather, animal care, and team building activities, etc.), along with learning basics of horsemanship and horseback riding. The weekly program is 4 hours, and students will have both small group and individual lessons during this time-block. Start date for this option is pending.

How can I sign up for Power Up?

With questions or to get started, email Florida Academy of Excellence flacademyofexcellence@gmail.com. We will schedule your individual consultation as soon as possible.